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NHS funded patient transport


NHS funded patient transport - November 2017 update:

NHS Kernow has agreed that travel to urgent treatment (where patients can use a scheduled flight) will be funded. Escorts for 20 week antenatal scans and some '2 week wait' appointments, where a diagnosis will be discussed, are eligible for NHS funding. The £5 booking fee applies.

Regarding return after a medical emergency evacuation, funded travel had been withdrawn for patients discharged directly from the Emergency Department or urgent treatment centre. At the Medical Travel and Transport Group meeting on 21/11 it was confirmed that as of 21/11, return travel after a medical evacuation WILL be funded. The £5 booking fee applies. These arrangements will remain in place while further consideration is given to the issue and a final policy is developed.

Anyone who travels on a scheduled flight for urgent treatment must be referred by a Health Care Professional, who must make the booking with the Patient Transport service in order to provide authorisation.

For anyone who is discharged after a medical evacuation, the ward or discharging centre will need to contact the Patient Transport Service, in order to provide authorisation.

NHS Kernow has recently published a Policy for Non-Emergency Patient Transport, see here. They are now working on a separate policy to cover urgent travel and return after an emergency evacuation. 


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