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Enter & View

Local Healthwatch has the power to make ‘Enter and View’ visits to providers in order to observe matters relating to health and social care services.

Organisations must allow an authorised representative to Enter and View and observe activities on premises controlled by the provider as long as this does not affect the provision of care or the privacy and dignity of people using services. These powers do not extend to Enter and View of services relating to local authorities’ social services functions for people under the age of 18. Providers do not have to allow entry to parts of a care home which are not communal areas or allow entry to premises if their work on the premises relates to children’s social services.

There are strict regulations about notice, terms of reference, and authorised representatives.

Healthwatch Isles of Scilly works with one adult social care and three health care providers based on the islands, and does not maintain a team to carry out ‘Enter & View’ visits. We have never decided to use ‘Enter & View’ in any of our activities. We would consider forming a team in order to undertake specific fact finding as necessary, in the future.

You can see our full policy on Enter & View here.

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