This is what will happen to the information you provide:

This survey is anonymous.  We transcribe comments into broad headings, lightly editing only to remove any identifying details.  We then write a summary of what everyone told us.

We send ratings and accompanying comments, along with our summary, to the relevant service so they can respond if they want to.

The final published report will contain only our summaries and responses from providers.  We will only quote individual comments if you have given us permission to do so - please give us your quote on the last page.

The report will go to the people who plan, commission, provide and regulate services.  It will provide an overview of how well islanders are served, identify common themes, and highlight where things work well and where they could be improved.

We meet regularly with services to discuss feedback, share information and hold them to account.



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Please give a rating for services that you or a member of your household have used in the last two years. Please add any further comments to explain your rating where appropriate.

Thank you for completing this survey.
Once the report is written it will be published in hard copy, available at Mumford's, the Post Office and the Healthwatch office. It will also be available on our website: