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Our Chair, Paul Charnock

Main areas of responsibility:  Elder care and disability issues, Healthwatch representative for Council of the Isles of Scilly Health & Wellbeing Board.

Prior to retiring to Scilly, I was a qualified Social Worker, and worked for a number of West Midland authorities.  I then took a senior management role as lead commissioning manager for older peoples community and provider services, working closely with colleagues in the health sector.

Vice Chair, Jane Hurd

Main areas of responsibility: Medical Travel.  Healthwatch representative for Council of the Isles of Scilly Scrutiny Committee.

I have been a director since Heathwatch was formed, and I am responsible for matters connected to medical travel.  This can be extremely frustrating, but the only was is to stick to our guns and keep pressing for improvements: if there's no travel, there's no medical.  

About me personally...I have lived on Scilly for almost 30 years, have done various jobs including postwoman, and running the Register Office as Superintendent Registrar until 2008.  I still work there on a casual basis as well as being an adult education tutor for Learn Scilly.  I was a Councilor and a committee chairman on a mainland council, and stood (unsuccessfully!) for Parliament once.

Penny Penn-Howard 

Main areas of responsibility: Children's services and support for cancer patients.  Healthwatch representative for Council of the Isles of Scilly Children's Trust Board.

I trained and worked as a nurse in London for 13 years reaching the position of departmental sister for obstetrics and gynecology.  I left nursing to look after my young family.

I then returned to university to study psychology and went to train as a teacher.  I taught primary aged children in London and then obtained a place at the Tavistock Institute to train as an educational psychologist.

I practiced as a psychologist for many years in Yorkshire, Somerset and Cheshire, and then was appointed as Assistant Director, Children and families in Sheffield.  My next post took me to Sandwell where I was Director for School improvement and learning for 9 years.  I then became Director for Community Services to the Council of the Isles of Scilly.  My remit was expanded to include Children's Services and Education and have now retired.

Throughout my career I have bee interested in Health and Wellbeing and the power of holistic and multi-professional working in order to produce the very best outcomes for service users.  It is for this reason that I volunteer for Healthwatch.

Chris Douglas

Main areas of responsibility: Adult community health services.

I am a retired pharmacist, having spent  52 years as a pharmacist on St. Mary's.  I am particularly interested in setting up a framework to encourage an increase in exercise for all ages and have an interest in children's services.

Steve Manning


Past Board papers

We make the papers for our public Board meetings available online. We also publish a summary of what was discussed. Check out our past meetings to read more.

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